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Q/Ans: 5 Major Queries of International Students in China

Q/Ans: 5 Major Queries of International Students in China

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 As the COVID-19 pandemic does not seek to end anytime soon, international students in China as well as those living in their countries right now are worried, anxious and uncertain. The scientists are doing their job and there is little we can do to directly solve this crisis. But here are some of the questions and answers bothering international students right now.

 We have tried to provide you logical and evidence-based answers and help solve your queries. Here are the top 5 queries bothering international students currently. 

 1. Will we able to return or not in 2020?

Will students able to return to China or not in 2020?

This is the number one query that is bothering international students back in their home country. Will we able to return or not in 2020? There have been several speculations about this. Some media report that there is little possibility, while some other WeChat accounts have been emphasizing that the flights may begin to resume in June.

So, what is the real scenario?

 Here is what we have found out regarding this.

·       This decision shall be significantly influenced by the corona virus’s control in the rest of the world. Still the cases have not witnessed a decreasing curve in countries of Asia and Africa. Even in the United States, the cases have not come under control. In such a scenario, unless a vaccine is out or some new technique come out to quickly detect the virus, the international flights might not open. As we all understand that it is practically impossible to be safe just through a temperature scan. Neither the Chinese government nor other countries would bear this risk.

·       As per now the latest updates regarding it is the “Five One” policy of China. This means that only 1 airline can operate 1 flight from 1 Chinese city to 1 Foreign City in 1 week. Many consider this policy may be active till August or September, if nothing new comes up.

 ·       The flights from the Chinese Airlines might be quicker to resume than international airlines. By July and August, flights will start commencing but not as normal.

 So, right now to be honest, things are very much unpredictable. Speculation might not help as the crisis is global. All we can do is hope for the best. Everything depends on how well the nations and their leaders react and respond to this public health emergency.

2. So, will international Students be prioritized to return back?

 Probably, Yes. After the business men, corporate leaders and emergency cases, foreign students might be prioritized over ordinary people. Australia is said to be trying out this measure and there is a strong possibility in that in the second and the third round, international students may be prioritized.

 ·       The universities in China are currently prioritizing the graduating class especially those doing their masters degrees as Bachelors students still have an option to join studies in Masters. The same pattern can be replicated in case of international students too. So, graduating class, there is the good news for you: You are highly likely to be prioritized first.

 The best thing you can do currently is communicate with your respected university and teachers. The visas may also be adjusted as this is a special scenario.

 3. What about the rent? Is there any possibility of you getting back the rent or tuition fees?

Now this is another important question bothering a lot of students. You might be at your country, but since your belongings are here, you may be worrying if you will have to pay the rent.

 ·       As seen in the previous cases, the government had instructed the schools not to charge dormitory fees for this special scenario. As most of the universities in China are public, it is also quite manageable.

·       In the content of tenants however, things can get bit messy. There might be some form of concession, but full negation of the rent is unlikely. This issue has not been yet brought on the table, but chances are there might be partial reimbursement.

The tuition fees also might see a partial reimbursement due to the online classes.This is a global trend highly likely to followed even in China. 6 provinces in China: Hubei, Sichuan, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong have also followed this pattern.

4. What about the new admissions? Is it a gap year for them?

Certainly Not.  Even if the new students are not been able to come to China, they will be receiving some warm - up courses online. At most, the semester may lag behind, but as we all see even by cutting off holidays, the courses will be paced fast. There is a low chance student will lose a year.

 The fees may be adjusted accordingly and in fact this is good time to negotiate with universities. As most people are still unsure about studying abroad, universities are currently witnessing a downfall in applications across the world. This is a time you can capitalize on to get good scholarships.

5. How do I stop worrying? Is it even necessary to worry?

We don’t think you should because this is a special time for every one and universities as well as employers understand this. It would be best to utilize your time doing the following:

 ·       Working on your hobbies

·       Learning a new skill

·       Reading new book, those novels which you had not time for

·       Try out all the things you could not because you didn’t have time.

·       Make a new friend online

There is little we can do by worrying? Why not make this time more productive?

Dear friends, we hope you found this article useful. Please don’t forget to subscribe our account if you want more of this amazing stuff.

Wish you a great day ahead.


Notice: This article is from BRE team. The opinion is not representing our point of view.

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