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Zhejiang University of Technology(ZJUT) 2021 Admission guide and Scholarship

Zhejiang University of Technology(ZJUT) 2021 Admission guide and Scholarship

         A. Application Procedures



Log on the registration website:



Confirm the field of study, application materials to submit and notes



Register and log in through the application online system (, submit the application documents (please log on by Google or Firefox Browser)

• Please fill in the email address, contact phone number and mailing address accurately. All updates throughout the application will be notified through the contact methods given in the application form.


ZJUT will verify the materials and respond within 5 working days on the system

Please do not remit fees before receiving an official E-offer on the system


Remit the fees (Pre-paid tuition of 1000 RMB and registration fee of 400 RMB), upload the scanning of the remittance receipt to the application system

• Registration comes into effect after verifying the remittance.

• If one fails to pay the registration fee online, please contact (e-mail for admission consultation) and then have the registration fee paid in other ways.

• Pre-paid tuition of 1000 RMB and registration fee of 400 RMB will not be returned.


When the remittance arrives, ZJUT will deliver the admission letter and original JW202 to applicants within 10 working days

• Applicant should confirm the mailing address on the system again beforehand

• If the applicant holds the VISA with less than 15 working days’ validity, we could not promise to extend his VISA successfully before the deadline


Apply to the Chinese embassies or consulates in applicants’ countries for the studying visa with admission letter and the master copy of JW202



Settle the balance of tuition before registration and send the scan of remittance receipt to the designated Email:

• Please send the student name and passport number when sending the remittance to the email

• If one fails to pay the balance of tuition on time,his/her admission will be canceled

• An email should be sent to if one has difficulties to do the remittance in time


  B. Application Materials
1. Application form with ID photo (white background, 35mm×45mm in size).

  1. A photocopy of passport.
  2. Senior high school diploma (original copy or notarized copy).
  3. Graduating high school students can provide pre-graduation Certificate. After admission, the original graduation certificate or notarized copy should be submitted.
  4. Transcripts for all the courses in senior high school (original copy or notarized copy).
  5. HSK certificate (for Chinese-instructed program applicants). After admission, the original copy should be submitted
  6. TOEFL/IELTS or other score report of English language test (for English-instructed program applicants, whose native language is not English). After admission, the original copy should be submitted.
  7. Applicants who have given up their original Chinese citizenship and become foreign citizens should submit (1) cancellation certificate of Chinese citizenship (2) current citizenship certificate (3)Exit and Entry Record on passport, from July 30th ,2017 to July 30th , 2021.
  8. Applicants less than 18 years (by September 1st, 2021) should submit (1) Letter of Guarantee (who must be an adult residing in Hangzhou) (2) notarized Authorization Letter written by parents, copies available.
  9. Remittance receipt of the application fee,copies available.
  10. Two recommendation letters in English or Chinese (for graduate application). Letters must include phone number or email address.



  1. Results of international standard tests (e.g. SAT/IB/GCE A-LEVEL/ACT/OTHER) are accepted.
  2. Application documents in other languages must be translated in Chinese or English and notarized.
  3.  The above application materials need to be uploaded to the registration system. The original ones must be handed in to Admission Office, International College, Zhejiang University of Technology. Those who lack the materials or are inaccurate will not be registered.
  4.  Application materials and application fee will NOT be refunded regardless of the result of application.
  5. Zhejiang University of Technology may ask the applicants to submit supplementary materials or take a telephone/video interview if necessary.


C. Admission method
The school will select the best candidates based on the students' highest academic level and language level, and determine the list of pre-admitted students in batches. Students can also log in to the Zhejiang University of Technology's international student admissions system to check. Pre-accepted students should remit the registration fee (400 Yuan) and pre-paid part of the tuition fee (1,000 Yuan) to the designated bank account of ZJUT within the stipulated time, and upload the remittance voucher to the online registration system. After receiving the registration fee and pre-payment of tuition fees, the school will issue the "Admission Notice" and JW202 form. Students who give up coming to our school for personal reasons will not be refunded the registration fee and the pre-paid tuition fee.

Reminder: Please be sure to clearly indicate the application number, name, passport number, study major and other information of the applicant during remittance.

     1.Chinese Government Scholarships
Chinese government scholarship applicants must apply through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in the country where the applicant is located. When filling in the "Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship", you need to fill in "Zhejiang University of Technology" in the first field of "Applicant Institution".

  1. Zhejiang University of Technology Freshman Scholarship

Zhejiang University of Technology has established a certain number of freshman scholarships for international students with good academic attitudes and excellent academic results. To apply, please fill in the Application Form for International Freshman Scholarship of Zhejiang University of Technology and submit it with other application materials at the same time.

   E. Insurance

Zhejiang University of Technology applies comprehensive international student group medical insurance to international students inside China who have paid their full tuition fees and received full scholarships in a timely manner (Note: Physical or mental illness suffered before enrollment is not covered by the insurance). For international students insurance terms, please refer to Overseas Student Insurance ( for introduction of international student insurance products.

   F. Accommodation

For specific information, please refer to the Website of International College.

  G. Admission

At the beginning of September, 2021, the specific time is subject to the "Admission Notice". If international students are able to come to China when it comes to September, Applicants should go to the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) to apply for an entry study (X1) visa with an ordinary passport, "Admission Notice", "Application Form for Visa for Foreign Students to China" (Form JW202). If international students are not able to come to China because of the pandemic, students outside China will take online class and students inside China will register to Zhejiang University of Technology with materials mentioned above accompanied with the original voucher for pre-paid tuition at the time specified in the notice. Students who submit an expected graduation certificate, a copy of the HSK certificate, and a copy of the English proficiency test certificate when applying, must provide a formal graduation certificate, the original HSK certificate, and the original English proficiency test certificate when they register. If they cannot provide it, they will be disqualified.

Address: Room 126, Building No.12, ShangDeYuan, Zhejiang University Of Technology(Zhaohui Campus), Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
PC : 310014

Tel: +86-571-88320160/88320445 (inquiries and admission)

Email: (inquiries and admission) (Scholarships)

For more information, please pay attention to the website of the International College of Zhejiang University of Technology and the "你好工大HelloZJUT" WeChat public platform.


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