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Shenzhen University(SZU)Masters Programs for International Students

Shenzhen University(SZU)Masters Programs for International Students



Programs Taught in Chinese

1. College of Electronics and Information Engineering

Electronic and Information

Information and Communications Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology

2.Law School

Science of Law

3.College of Management

Management in Business Administration

Management in Public Administration

4.College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

5.School of Economics

Applied Economics (International Economics and Trade)

Applied Economics (Finance)


6.School of Humanities

Chinese Language and Literature


Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other languages

7.College of Electronic Science and Technology

Applied Statistics



8.College of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil and Hydraulic Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Management Science and Engineering (Engineering)

9.Department of Art

Art and Design (Research direction: Product Design, Fashion Design, Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Digital Media and Animation Design; Specialized test is required)

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     Programs taught in English

1.Institute for Advanced Study

Materials Science and Engineering (Science)M

Complex System and Data Science

Health and Environmental Sciences

2.College of Management

Management in Management Science and Engineering

3.College of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Electronic Information

4.School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Urban Informatics

5.School of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages and Literature

6.Institute of Microscale Optoelectronics

Optical Engineering

Type and Duration of the Programs

Type of the programs: Full-time

Duration of the programs: Three years


General Qualifications for Admission

Applicants must be citizens with a valid foreign passport (whose nationalities are not People’s Republic of China). He / She should be in good health conditions and of good conduct. He / She should also abide by the Chinese laws, regulations and the rules of the university.

Applicants should hold bachelor’s degree or above.

Application Time and Method

Application Time;  From 1stMarch to 30thApril

Application Procedure

  • Please log in the website of College of International Exchange:
  • Click to enter On-line Admission-I have read the above agreements-I agree and then register
  • Log in system and fill in personal information-Visa Information- documents upload-Submit

Application Materials

Please prepare the following materials before applying:

Scanned copy of the certificate and diploma of bachelor's degree. Graduates shall provide pre-graduation certificate.

Scanned copy of the transcripts of all courses during bachelor period.

Scanned copies of two recommendation letters (the recommendation letters shall be provided by professors or associate professors)

Scanned copy of passport.

Scanned copy of the ID photo

Language requirement

(1)NEW HSK BAND 5 with scores above 180

(2)For applicant whose native tongue is not English requires credential of English proficiency

In addition to the application materials detailed above, applicants should submit other supplementary materials in time to the requirements of SZU.

All certificates, diplomas and transcripts must be issued and notarized by the valid authorities.

All the documents must be translated in Chinese or English by responsible translation company.

Applicants who provide incomplete materials will not be accepted. The materials above won’t be returned whether you are admitted or not.

Admission Procedure

1. After the application deadline, SZU will organize a panel of experts to review the application documents. SZU will admit master applicants based on the overall assessment of theirs scores and all other supporting documents. During the process, long-distance or face-to-face interviews will be conducted, if necessary.

2. In June, 2020, pre-admission results will be sent to applicants via email.

3. In July, 2020, after confirmation of the list of admitted applicants, admission materials will be posted to applicants according to the address provided by the applicants on the application form.

4. Students who are accepted should apply for the X1 visa at their country’s Chinese Embassy (or Chinese Consulate) with “Shenzhen University Admission Notice” and “Visa Application for Study in China(JW202)”, and change X1 visa into a Residence permit for Foreign Students within 30 days after they enter China. Students who don’t apply for the relevant visa and residence permit will have to drop out. SZU doesn’t accept students with non-student visas.

5. Students who are accepted must register at the date and the address according to “Shenzhen University Admission Notice”. Registration in advance will not be accepted.

Fees Standard

1.Application Fee: 200RMB

2. Tuition Fee

Liberal arts: 30,000 RMB/person/year

Science & Engineering: 35,000 RMB/person/year

Medicine, Arts, Physical: 45,000 RMB/person/year

3. Accommodation and Insurance

Accommodation: single rooms, double rooms and en suites are all available. The fees vary from 5,400 to 10,000 RMB for per student per semester. (Water and electricity charges are not included)

Insurance: 400RMB/semester. International students should purchase the group all-risk insurance designated by SZU. Students are required to purchase insurance from the College of International Exchange on registration day. Those who do not purchase the insurance as required will not be able to get registered.



Scholarship Description

Province-level scholarship

Scholarship for studying in Guangdong, 20000RMB per year

University-level scholarship

SZU International student scholarship,15000RMB per year

Conferring of Degrees

Once approved by the academic degree evaluation committee, students who have completed all the planned courses and gained all the designated credits, as well as passed the master’s degree thesis defence will be awarded a master degree and graduation certificate of Shenzhen University.

Contact Information

Add: 301 3/F, Zonghe building, Shenzhen University, 3688 Nanhai Boulevard, Shenzhen, Guangdong. 518060

TEL: 0755-2655 8894



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