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Apply 2021 at Jinzhou Medical University(JZMU)

Apply 2021 at Jinzhou Medical University(JZMU)

Jinzhou Medical University originated from the Health School of Liaoji Military Region, which was founded in 1946 during the War of Liberation and was moved to Jinzhou of Liaoning Province in 1949. The school developed into Jinzhou Medical College in 1958 and the name was changed into Liaoning Medical University in 2006. In the next year, LMU passed the teaching proficiency testing of Ministry of Education with excellent performance. The university was officially renamed Jinzhou Medical University in March 2016 under the approval of Ministry of Education. Through 70 years of development, JZMU has developed into a provincial medical university with chiefly medical-based, multidisciplinary, and multi-form education.


Jinzhou Medical University covers an area of 915 acres, including general higher education, international students education, higher vocational education and  adult education. In 1984, university began to grant master degree. In 1999, it received qualification of granting master degree for those with the same level of education. In 2003, approved by the Ministry of Education, our university began to make joint training program with China Medical University to cultivate graduates for Ph.D degrees.

Majors: Now, there are 8 first -level disciplines authorized to offer master degree, 59 second-level disciplines authorized to offer master degree and 4 disciplines authorized to offer professional master degree. 

Students; Jinzhou Medical University ( JZMU ) currently has over 12000 on-campus students, admitting students nationally from 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.


Teaching Practice Base

    Jinzhou Medical University has 124 professional teaching practice base, among which there are three directly affiliated hospitals and seven indirectly affiliated hospitals. The First Affiliated Hospital is the biggest third-level Grade- A hospital in western Liaoning, one of the three major regional medical centers of Liaoning Province, the national standardized training base for coronary intervention. The Second Affiliated Hospital is the national standardized training base for chief physician (oral cavity), the clinical training base for professional nurses affiliated to Chinese Stomatological Association, the clinical training center for stomatology, the base promoting popular science of oral health of Liaoning Province, and the center for diagnosing and treating oral disease in western Liaoning. The Third Affiliated Hospital is the third-level Grade-A hospital, the rehabilitation center for occupational injuries, the center for diabetes prevention and the center for diabetic eye diseases prevention in western Liaoning Province. The three affiliated hospital has made great contributions to the fast and harmonious development of the regional medical and health career.


International cooperation 

       JZMU began to recruit overseas students in 1997. Approved by the Ministry of Education in 2012, it was qualified to award ‘ English-Taught Bachelor of Medicine /Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS )’. In 2014, approved by the Ministry of Education, our University, JZMU were qualified as one of the Chinese institutions admitting international students under ‘Chinese Government Scholarship’. In 2015, approved by the Ministry of Education, JZMU became eligible institution to recruit Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan students. The international students aiming at academic degrees has ranked third for three years in Liaoning Province. JZMU has enrolled around 1500 medical degree students, medical postgraduate students from more than 57 countries in five continents, including India, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Russia, etc.


     College of International Education

The College of International Education (CIE) was established in April 2004 as a part of the International Exchange Department (IED) of Jinzhou Medical University.

IED is a functional organization responsible for academic work related to foreign affairs. It is designated to carry out the national foreign policies and educational policies. Its function is to strictly follow the foreign policies and the rules of foreign affairs management. In practice, IED takes care of the managing, guiding, coordinating, and providing services for all the foreign-related work in Jinzhou Medical University.

The IED consists of the Educational Administrative Office and the Dormitory Administrative Office. The College of International Education is a parallel college to the IED with the same staff. CIE is one of the youngest but the most vigorous departments in Jinzhou Medical University. It has been putting a lot of effort in recruiting medical students with multiple educational backgrounds. CIE provides medical courses for international medical graduates and at the same time offers the possibility for international students to get a better understanding of Chinese society and culture.

The total number of students has amounted to 13,806 of which about 200 are international students, which has more than 140 student are from India and 30 student from Pakistan, Nepal and Africans countries for clinical medicine course in English. They are currently studying in the undergraduate & post graduate programs taught in English.


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