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Who Can Get PU Letter to Enter China Now?

Who Can Get PU Letter to Enter China Now?


Recently, we heard people talking about about getting the PU invitation letter.


But there seem to be some misunderstandings about getting the PU letter, so the team gathered the following facts and corrections for your reference.

What's a PU letter?


PU letter is an invitation letter issued by China Foreign Affairs Office. With the PU letter foreigners can apply for a new visa and enter China.


Note: This is a new policy since the global epidemic.


Who can get a PU letter?
The policies have tightened as the global epidemic worsens.
Now only the following personnel are possible to get a PU letter:
Important employees of large-scale companies.
2. 中小企业的核心管理人员,如法定代表人、执行总裁等。
The core management staff of small or medium-sized enterprises such as the legal representative or CEO, etc.
3. 能够为中国带来收益的高级技术专家等高端人才。
Senior technical experts and other high-end talents who can bring benefits to China.



How to apply for a PU letter? 



Only companies can apply for the PU Letter for their foreign employees, individuals or any agents cannot apply for PU letter!


Companies need to contact the district foreign affairs officer, submit the application materials, and wait for the approval.


After the PU letter is issued, the company should send it to the foreign applicant.


The foreign applicant then takes it to the Chinese Consulate/Embassy in his/her country to apply for a new visa. 




As mentioned above, only companies can apply for the PU Letter on behalf of their foreign employees.


Any individuals or agents cannot apply for or provide PU letters! (Agents can only assist the company with the application, but they can't provide PU letters.)


If any individuals or agents promise to get you a PU letter without cooperation from your company, they are definitely lying or getting it ILLEGALLY!



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