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Guangxi University (GXU) CSC China government Scholarship Tip-1

Guangxi University (GXU) CSC China government Scholarship Tip-1


Many people plan to apply for the CSC scholarship, Chinese Government Scholarship, someone also calls it CGS scholarship, as their financial support to study in China. However, the seats are just too FEW. Only the most fitable ones, if not the best, can win this scholarship at the end.

So the question is:
"How to make myself fitable for this scholarship? "

So Today we are sharing the very first tip here for the application of the CSC Scholarship. To answer the question above, first thing first, you need to know some basic knowledge about the CSC Scholarship. For example, who is the sponsor? What is the purpose of it? How many types does it have? When to start the application? What are the procedures for application, What are the materials and documents to be prepared? etc. You can basically find all the answers on through the website of the CSC scholarship. Here is the link:

Many ones come to us and throw tons of very basic questions in the face. It is always a pleasure to receive inquiries for us, however, the way you ask questions and the questions you are asking can more or less expose your weakness. Especially when we can tell that you did not read through the basic information mentioned above. We may be given some negative impressions of you such as being reckless and lack of the capability of research, which may jeopardize your chances of winning the scholarship when it comes to comprehensive assessment of the applicant. In a word, learn before thinking, and think before asking.

For further concerns about all Guangxi University(GXU) Programs click here

   Guangxi University (GXU) CSC Scholarship

CAUTION: there are a lot of scams or agents on the internet disguising as the official website for CSC scholarship. Usually they are asking for money. Please notice that you DON'T need to pay anything to apply for the scholarship.

Should you have any further questions about the Chinese Government Scholarship or any other means to study in China, please write to or subscribe this STUDY-AT-GXU official WeChat account.

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