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Yangtze University(YU) Medical Masters Program

Yangtze University(YU) Medical Masters Program

1.About Yangtze University

       Yangtze University (YU) is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning located in the famous historic and cultural city of Jingzhou, Hubei province. The university has been awarded as “Garden-like Institution” and “Best Civilized Unit” and got “excellent” in the evaluation of undergraduate teaching by the Ministry of Education, China in 2007. It has modernized teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, research centers, gyms and affiliated teaching hospitals.

 YU is Chinese Government Scholarship university in China and students are welcome to study in our university. There are about 800 international students from 63 countries studying in YU. Students from more than 63 different countries are pursuingfor bachelor's degree programs, master's degree programs, doctoral degree programs and Chinese language programs in YangtzeUniversity now, including USA, Canada, France, Spain, Korea, Mexico, Bolivia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine,  Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia Pakistan, Nepal, Jordan, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, Rwanda, Comoros, Benin, Niger, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Gabon, Kenya, Sudan, Benin, Liberia, Chad and son on. Students from all over the world are welcome tostudy in Yangtze University.

 YU will recommend excellent students to apply for CSC scholarship, Hubei provincial scholarship, YU scholarship and so on.
Yangtze University has 3 post-doctor stations, 15 PhD programs, 175 master’s programs and 102 undergraduate programs covering 11 disciplines including economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management and art. Its National Unique Programs are Resources exploration engineering, Prospecting technology and engineering, Petroleum engineering, Agriculture, Machine design manufacturing and automation, Chemical engineering and technology.

02.About Medical Education in Yangtze University

   The medical education program in Yangtze University could be traced back to 1951.

  Facts about medical education

Laboratory area: 8685.99;
Operation platforms: 1500;
Faculty members: 120;
Associate professors: 29; 
Lecturer: 50
‘Chutian Scholars Program’ distinguished professor: 1;
Chairprofessor: 1;
‘Yangtze University Scholars’ distinguished professor: 1;
Medical School: 1
Clinical Medical Colleges: 3
Affiliated Three level of first-class hospitals: 3
In 2010, Medical School enrolled thefirst batch of international undergraduate students majored in Clinical Medicine.
In 2012, Medical School enrolled the first batch of international postgraduate students majored in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, etc.
In 2013, Medical School of YU is in thelist of IMED, America.
In 2014, the first group postgraduates graduated from Medical School.
In 2015, the first group medical postgraduates finished their thesis defence and graduated from YU.
In 2016, the first group MBBS students finish their internship and graduate from YU.
In 2020, there are more than 400 international medical students and 100 international postgraduates studying in Medical School. Now medical students are from more than 50 countries, including USA, Canada, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nepal, Zambia, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania and son on.
Yangtze University(YU) Medical Masters Program
         The Medical School now offers four undergraduate programs for Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Medical Imaging Science and Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine. The clinical medicine was granted to the first-level ofmaster degrees, and it is the key discipline of Twelfth Five-Year Guideline of Hubei province. There is also a provincial clinical experiment training center, a central and a locally joint built scientific research platform—— ‘Infectious Disease Research Center’. The laboratory covers 8685.99, providing 1500 experimental operation platforms and up to date experimental teaching equipment which meets all demands of the teaching for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
      The Medical School adheres to vigorously promoting the teaching quality and to cultivating the high-quality medical talents as a primary task. The Medical School teaching has developed by leap sand bounds in recent years. IMMUNOLOGY is the excellent course in provincial level, TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE, EMERGENCY NURSING, THE FUNDAMENTALS OF NURSING and HUMAN ANATOMY are the excellent courses in Yangtze University level, MEDICAL IMAGING SCIENCE, PHYSIOLOGY and SCIENCE OF CHINESE MASSAGE are excellent courses in university level in building. In recent years, the scientific research work of the Medical School developed rapidly.
       At present, the Medical School undertakes five national natural science fund projects and more than 30 provincial scientific research projects. Research into account funds greatly increases year by year. Teachers of the Medical School published13 academic monographs, seven textbooks and nearly 20 articles indexed by SCI,EI, ISIP. The Medical School attaches great importance to international cooperation education. The Medical School established long-term cooperation projects with universities in the United States, Britain, Singapore and other countries and regions to provide a broader learning communication platform for the teachers and students in teaching and scientific research.
      Braves all hardships can sometimes, directly links up the cloud sail to aid the sea. In medical education reform background, all the medical members of Yangtze University will be more concerted, down to earth, arouse all efforts and dedications, constantly improve the requirements of running schools and talent training mode, surviving quality, developing innovation, creating brilliant careers of medical education of Yangtze University with our efforts and wisdom.
Yangtze University(YU) Medical Masters Program


03 .Medical Master’s Degree Programs


Master’s Degree Programs


Internal Medicine

Three years


Three years


Three years

Psychiatry and Psychohygiene

Three years

Clinical Medicine

Three years

Basic Medicine

Three years

Clinical pathology

Three years

Dermatology and Venereal Disease

Three years

Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

Three years

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics

Three years


Three years

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Three years


Three years


Three years


Three years


Three years

Emergency Medicine

Three years


Three years


          04  Fee Structure

Yangtze University estimates the student’s average costs for the first year to be:
a. Application & Registration fee CNY800
b. Tuition fee   CNY22000
c. Campus accommodation fee  CNY2400
d. Physical examination fee/year  CNY300  
e. Medical insurance fee/year CNY600 
f. Residence permit fee/time   CNY400

05. Check list of Documents

1.Yangtze University Application Form
2.Degree certificate
3.Official transcript of higher learning institution
4.Photocopy of passport
5.Personal statement
6.Two letters of recommendation

      06 .Admission Procedure

     First step
Study more about the school and the programs of YU. Get  university and program information and read details in our website before starting your application. Make a decision on which program and which degree you are going to apply for.
   Second step
Register in YU online application system. 
Upload necessary documents in YU online application system, including transcripts, application form(word format), passport, etc. All documents should be clear and colorful.
    Third step
Get the admission notice. Get your admission notice within 7 days if application documents are qualified.
      Fourth step
Pay the fee. Complete the application fee CNY 800(non-refundable) in university bank account to keep you in the waiting list. Please send us the scanned copy of the receipt after payment.
      Fifth step
Get the result. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks to get visa documents (jw202 form) from the government after Yangtze University gets your application fee in it bank account.
     Sixth step 
Prepare for your travel to China. If you get all visa documents, you can prepare your visa application and flight booking. Please inform the International Students Office the details of your flights 5 days before your departure to China.

07 Deadline ;February 20, 2021


           Yangtze University(YU) Medical Masters Program



  •   Hubei provincial scholarship: Tuition fee free (3 years)
  •  Yangtze University scholarship: Tuition free (3 years)

 YU will evaluate all scholarship students' performance in the first year, which are based on students' comprehensive performance, including the results of final exams, students' involvement in campus activities, daily behaviors and so on. YU will cancel the scholarship, if scholarship students could not meet the requirements.

09 Contact Us

For more information, please feel free to contact YU Admission Office.

Tel: 0086 716 8060267

Skype: hogan.hogan988
English website:
Add: 1 Nanhuan Road Jingzhou Hubei CHINA

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