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2021 XIDIAN University Application process, Fees structures and Scholarships

2021 XIDIAN University Application process, Fees structures and Scholarships

   1. Application Eligibility 

1. Applicants should be non-Chinese nationals. For those who were Chinese citizens before becoming foreign nationals, the document No.12 [2020] issued by the Ministry of Education will be followed.
2. Applicants shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as the rules and regulations of Xidian University; and shall honor the social morality and customs in China.
3. Master’s degree applicants shall have bachelor's degree; Doctoral degree applicants shall have master's degree.
4. Language ability
4.1. Applicants for Chinese taught programs shall reach HSK level 4. Those who fail to meet the language requirements can first apply for the Chinese Language Program and reach the requirements. For native Chinese speaker and students who are taught in Chinese during high school education will be exempted from HSK scores if confirmed by Xidian University.
4.2. Applicants for English taught programs shall have attained generally-accepted international English proficiency level of IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 and above; Applicants from English-speaking countries recognized by Xidian University may apply for exemption from the relevant English scores.The Certificate of Latest Degree Study in English issued by the university/college of the previous program can be submitted in place of IELTS and TOEFL scores.


2021 XIDIAN University Application process

   2.Application Procedure 

Applicants should login to the International Student Application System, register and complete the online application before April 30, 2021.

  Application Documents 

1.Original scanned copy of the latest degree certificate.
2. Scanned original transcripts of all high school courses or internationally accepted standardized test scores (e.g., SAT/ACT/A-Level/AP/IB).
3.Scanned copy of the home page of valid passport (valid in two years or longer).
4.Chinese or English proficiency certificate.
5. Personal statement or study plan. Write at least 600 words in Chinese or English.
6.Applicants who are already in China should submit the scanned copy of the visa page and residence permit page of passport, as well as the Performance Certificate issued by current school.
7.Physical Examination Records for Foreigners.
8.Non-criminal record certificate.
9.Applicants for self-supported programs must provide the Financial Guarantee.
10.Other supporting documents, such as award certificates, paper publication certificates, etc.
11.Bank receipt of application fee payment (RMB 600 yuan), please check the payment information. (

   Application Instructions 

1.All the original documents provided by the applicants shall be scanned and uploaded with a color scanner. Photos taken by mobile phones or cameras are not acceptable. Photocopies are not acceptable.
2.Incomplete application documents will not be accepted.
3.Applicants must ensure that the application contents and the attached documents are true and valid. Those who are dishonest will be permanently disqualified from applying for Xidian University.

   3.Review and Admission 

1.The International Student Office of Xidian University will review the eligibility of applicants based on their application documents. The application documents that meet the admission requirements will be reviewed by the academic expert group of the academic schools and a second-round examination will be organized. The procedure and time of the second-round examination will be determined by the academic schools.The final admission list will be confirmed after the completion of the second-round examination.

2. Applicants can check their application status at any time through the International Student Application System. Xidian University will send the original hard copy of the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Study in China to the address provided by the applicant in the system.

 * Applicants must provide detailed mailing information in the system, including room number, street number, area name, province or city name, postal code and the recipient's mobile phone number. If admitted, we will mail the admission documents according to the information provided in the system. We will not double-confirm with the applicant. If you fail to receive the admission documents due to incomplete or inaccurate information, you will be responsible for the consequences.


Xidian University provides the following scholarships for outstanding international students:   

      Chinese Government Scholarship

The Chinese Government Scholarship usually covers tuition, living expenses, accommodation and medical insurance, and students are subject to strict annual review after receiving the scholarship. Applicants can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship through either Type A or Type B, but not through the two channels.

   1.Type A-Bilateral Programs
Application majors: All majors are available.
 Application process: Please apply to the sending department or the Chinese Embassy   (Consulate General) of your country. Please check the contact information of Chinese   embassies and consulates abroad through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs   of China. The application period is usually from November to April of the following year.   Applicants can contact Xidian University first, inform intention of the scholarship   application, and apply through the International Student Application System, we will   issue Pre-admission Notice to the qualified applicants. Applicants then can submit their   scholarship applications to Chinese Embassy and Consulate and log into the system of   China Scholarship Council to complete the online application process.Please select  "study program Type A", and consult the dispatching authorities for overseas study of   your home country forInstructions of CGS Information Management System for     International Students and Agency Number.

2. Type B- Silk Road Program
Application majors: Only the Chinese courses listed in catalogue are allowed.
Application process: Applicants apply directly to Xidian University. Applicants are required to login the system of China Scholarship Council to complete the scholarship online application process. Please select "study program Type B", and fill in 10701 at Agency Number. After completing the application at the system of China Scholarship Council, please download the Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form and upload it together with other application documents to the International Student Application System.

    First-class scholarship: including tuition and living allowance 1,200RMB per person   per month
 Second-class scholarship: includes tuition fees
 Third-class scholarship: includes 50% of tuition fee
 Huashan Scholarship holder are required to participate in the annual evaluation, and   only those who pass the evaluation can continue to hold the scholarship. Applicants   should fill out the Application Form for Huashan Scholarship and upload it together with   other application documents to the International Student Application System.

2021 XIDIAN University Application process


 5.Visa Application and Registration 

1.The applicant shall submit the X1 visa application to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in his/her country with the relevant documents such as passport, Admission Notice, the visa application form, Physical Examination Records for Foreigners and all original physical examination report, etc. (specific requirements of visa documents will be subject to the list provided by Chinese Embassy and Consulates), and register at Xidian University with the above original documents on time.

2.The registration time of the autumn semester is usually in early September. New students are required to bring the original copies of all application documents to Xidian University for the admission qualification check. If the original certificates do not meet the admission requirements, the admission qualification will be cancelled.



1. Application fee: RMB 600.

2. Tuition fee (RMB per student per year) 17000

3. Medical insurance: RMB 800 per person per year

4. Accommodation fee: RMB5,000 ~ RMB15,000 per person per year. Due to the limited accommodation resources on campus, accommodation application will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Students who have not successfully booked on-campus accommodation are required to contact off-campus accommodation.



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